Well, the thread title says it all, I just got myself a Hot Rod Deluxe, and it really made me realize how much I need a new guitar. I don't want to sell myself short on this, I really want the best guitar I can get for my money, so I'm gonna try very hard not to 'settle'.

I've been to guitar center a whole lot, and while there are some things I like about a lot of guitars, there have been none that I've fallen in love with. I've tried Signature, Standard and Highway One Strats, and they all seem like they have a very weak tone. What I want is really fat, harsh mids, I don't want these piercing highs or lows that sound like I'm playing my buddy's bass. What I want is cleans with character and attitude. I'm willing to spend up to $1,000, but that's stretching as far as my budget can go. I'd also be comfortable with spending less, and changing out pups, but if I'm going Strat, then I'm pretty set on an American made guitar, so don't bother recommending MIM or MIJ.

I've been really underwhelmed with the feel and tone of many of the guitars I've tried, and I really want something I'm gonna love and care for, not something I'm gonna say 'Well it was the best I could get for the price...'

Thanks in advance.

i've played one and i absolutely love it, i highly recommend them
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It's a Fender. It's a Semi and great for Jazz/blues and only $699

I myself am a hollowbody lover...

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You do realize that the hot rod has a very 'chimey' clean channel right? I dont exectly see you getting cleans with 'an attitude' per say but it sounds like you want humbuckers to me.
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^ isn't that just a MIM with upgraded pickups and and ash body...

Cause, if you were going down that route, i'd say just buy a MIM/MIA strat (ash if you like...) and upgrade the pickups yourself to even nicer ones...
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