My first guitar i got was a squier and i got it about 3 years ago. I now have a gibson sg, alvarez 6 string acoustic, alvarez 12 string acoustic and a b.c. rich warlock and a ibanez bass and I was just wondering if I should sell the squier or keep it. I never play it and it pretty much just sits on its stand and collects dust. So sell it or keep it is the question. It cost $199 originally.
It was your first guitar, keep it.
You won't get much money for it anyway.
i dont think you could get that much out of it...if it was me i'd keep it just for "first guitar" rights...i mean it was your first guitar so you should like put it onyour wall or somethin xD. if it doesnt have any sentimental value then sure go ahead and sell it . your choice
I went to GC with an HSS Satin Strat Squier. It was mint. And they said $45. I'd keep your Strat. You can always screw around with it, modify it, make it your own personal rocker/backup guitar. You can never have enough guitars.
I wouldnt sell it because u wont get ur moneys worth out of it lmao. I still have my squire to remind me about wat my playing level could be at haha!