probably a very stupid question but... where do you leave your pick when you go into tapping?
you can hold it with your other fingers...

or if you are martin johnson from Boyslikegirls and has 2906519056091235709 pics on the mic stand, you can just drop it lol
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add that:
i use my pick to tap with. i hold it sideways and u know....probly not hthat hard to figure out
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i kinda roll it behind my middle finger so i have the index finger to tap
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I tap with my 2nd finger and keep my pick where it is, between my thumb and 1st.

I do this and sometimes use my 2nd and 3rd fingers to tap for some things.
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I tap with my 2nd finger and keep my pick where it is, between my thumb and 1st.

the best way ^
I keep it between my thumb and index finger (like normal) and I tap with my middle finger
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I suggest keeping the pick-hand thumb along the top of the neck for added support when tapping. I would:
  • Cup the pick inside the middle joint of the index finger and tap with the middle.
  • Cup the pick in the middle joint of my ring finger for tapping with the index and middle fingers
  • Put the pick between my teeth if need more fingers! (Clean picks recommended )
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I leave my pick where it is and tap with my middle finger. If I need my other fingers for tapping though, I would hold it between my lips.
A friend of mine, also the lead guitarist in my band squeezes it between his fingers, flicks it up and catches it in his mouth, don't ask how the hell he learned it, but I think it's cool. That's only when he 6-8 finger taps. I usually use my thumb and index finger to tap with the pick, but then again, I can't tap for ****, so don't listen to me.