Seymmour Duncan Hot Rail for Strat*NEW!* 55$

Seymmour Duncan Lil 59 for strat*used* 40$

Fender Texas Specials *used* set of 3! 60$ (white covers included)

Fender MIM standard strat set of 3 *used* 30$

Hammer Neck pulled right off 50$

White 8 hole Tele pickgaurd 3 ply 15$

Marshall MG 10 watt 40$

Shipping coasts not included, but these prices are as low as they get just need some quick cash.

Quote by powermetalg
How about $65 shipped on the Teaxas Specials? And will you wait till Thursday (payday)?

If so consider the Texas Specials sold.

yea sure consider them yours. now how am I gonna get them to you and how are you going to pay for them?
Hey, this is a strange requeast but would you be willing to give me one of the knobs from the amp?

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