To keep fingerprints from showing up on a black guitar. It seems every time I clean my KH-602 the fingerprints keep magically reappearing. What are some good methods to get rid of grime and fingerprints too?
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you cant outrun fingerprints, they will always be there and if you clean them away, they will return in no time...
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if you want it to sound really dirty just rub some dirt on your amp...
Just hold it by the neck the more... I mean, you acnt stop anything get on it, because everything will get on it :P It's the nature of any static object, just refrain from pamling it all the time on the body atleast, and if you see dirt, use a cloth get it off.. not your fingers.. :p
Sand your fingerprints off of your fingers?
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...depends ... I sound sh*t nd i'm James Hetfield!

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You can try washing your hands every five minutes, or sand off the paint of your guitar and spray it with a satin finish.

Or wear gloves!

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