Hey UG, quick question. I've heard that lemon oil is good for moisturizing your fretboard, but is it also good for cleaning your strings.

Actually, another question, do I have to take my strings off when I'm cleaning it or can I just keep them on and try and clean the strings at the same time.

thanks, UG

PS: I wasn't sure where this would go, I'll move it if necessary.
I use d'andrea lemon oil, and it says on the bottle can use for strings aswel, i guess it depends upon your strings, nothing gone wrong with mine so far, sound nice and clean afterwards and feels nicer.

I always leave my strongs on, you get a better clean with them off, but with enough effort you can clean just as well with the strings on.
you can get stuff for cleaning strings.lem oil does nothing.kyser make a lube thats cleans your strings and thats what i use
Only use Lemon Oil if your fretboard is rosewood. And I'd take the strings off to clean the fretboard.
Lemon oil will rust your strings... Only use it for fretboard.

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dude anything on your strings will mess them up
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