what should i get for a good wah pedal? ive only seen the buddy guy wah pedal guitar world whats your opinion
what type of music are you going to use it for?

and crybaby's are decent at best. they usually doesnt get really good until you mod them
yeap. Original crybaby. Simple, yet great. can't beat it.
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depending on how much your willing to spend id suggest either the slash crybaby or the 535Q Crybaby. I have the slash and i love it. ive only tried the 535Q at guitar center but that was my next favorite. My guitar teacher has a vintage vox wah that he found at a pawn shop that sounds pretty awesome too but i have no idea what model it was or how much it cost.
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about like 100$-120$ or less im saving up im only 12 years old

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Anyway, the original crybaby is nothing special, Vox make good ones, and I hear good things about the Ibanez Weeping Demon, though I can't recall how much they cost.
look into the ultimate wah thread. And crybabies suck!

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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