so i'm getting a new amp i need some helpconcernig how much i should spend
i really need a new amp but i've also been wanting this classical guitar thats about 300$
i have 700$ right now but since my birthday is coming up theirs a good chance i'll get more cash or my parents will buy me teh classical

so here are the four amps i'm looking at inorder of most favorite to least favorite

a bugera 333XL 2x12 which is about 700$
( if i bout this it would be doubtful that i would get the acoustic)

abugera 6262 2x12 for about 650
(alittle more likley but still doubltful of getting the acoustic )

a peavy valveking 2x12 for 600
(i could easily get enough cash to buy the clasical from my birthday money but i don't like teh tone a ton)

or a valve king 1X12 400
(i could buy both at the same time)
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i am a peavey fan, but if you dont liek the tone dont go for it
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