I'm currently looking for an upgrade to my Line 6 Spider III. I've been looking so far (I play metal, my tone is a lot like Lamb of God's) and I've been thinking about a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier plus a Marshall 1960A Cabinet. I'm not worried about the Dual Rectifier as I am of the Marshall 1960A. Could it handle it well? What are some other recommendations? My max is about 2K. Have at it
Try and see if you can find a used MkIV, that's what they use if i remember rightly.
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Okay. I was thinking of maybe a Krank setup as well. What are your guys' thoughts on Krank?

As I Lay Dying uses Krank Rev's and Chadwick heads on their album prior to their newest. I prefer their old tone to their new one. I think they're using Krankenstein now, because their tone has been shaped into something new. Krank is awesome, but I suggest the Rev Jr Pro for the footswitch and 20 watts tube is loud enough for anything except stadiums.
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