Yeah, I've got a Rocker 30 Combo here that I want to get rid of, it is in mint condition, has 6CA7's and ECC83's (the new tubes that Orange promised would compliment the amp better).

The only cosmetic problem(s) I can really see (or that really matter) is a slight ding to the left front chassis, which is not even noticeable up to 6 feet away.

Asking $1200 + shipping, lemme know if it interests you, feel free to ask any questions at all or if you want to see any detailed pics, etc.

This is a fantastic sounding amp all around.

Only reason I want to get rid of it is because I am on the hunt for a certain vintage amp made by Gibson during the 60's

(I have a 63' Gibson GA-5T Skylark from that era and I have fallen in love with that vintage sound, alls' I need is a bigger and stage-worthy amp, so if any of ya guys ever see/hear of a Gibson amp that is earlier than a 65' and is at least 20 watts, please, please, please let me know)!
Yes, my ebay id is the same: GlideOn1.

I have 100% feedback on ebay.

Hang on, will post pics shorty!
This site is horrible for uploading pics, i cannot post a good quality pic here any larger than a thumbnail!

Do you have an email address?
yeah, but you'd end up paying the same or more with taxes and everything. i doubt that it is new too and that they won't package it as nicely as i do.
It's new, the store likes to sell amps cheaper, they offered me the kerry king JCM 800($1800) for $1300, if only they sold their bogners that cheap

I like a good cardboard box and bubble wrap though lol
I've got loads and loads of bubble wrap to wrap this sucker up, some for the tubes too. I'll even double box it.

Because I already have the proper thing to protect this amp with, all someone would have to do is pay the shipping label.

On that not, I guess I can sweeten the deal a bit here -

Asking $1150 now, spare tubes incl.