This is the full 5 minute song with two guitars, drums, bass, and strings. I am very proud of this work and I have showed it to a lot of people who have loved it, so I wanted to see what you guys thought! Anyways please if you can, give it a full listen because the solo is pretty nice and any C&C would be greatly appreciated.


I know i wouldn't stand a hope in hell playing it, but after just listening to it it is really good! Just wondered though how you got the Distortion guitar to change to clean in bar 43 where you change the key signature?
Thanks in advance and wow, that was really good!
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yeaaaaa, i love you zenmaestro in a non gay way

^Of course Venom, everybody does.

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This guy knows the score.

You see? Someone knows the score.
@ Trevorjps
No, I am in between bands because I am moving so this is just a song straight from my head. Can you not open ZIP files, I could give you a direct download link if you needed.

Thanks man appreciate it! Yea the pauses and mutes make the riff pretty hard but once you get it its really fun to play. Hmm to answer your question, you can click on the note where you want the instrument to change and then press f10. This will give you a bunch of options to change like instrument, pan, volume, etc. After than when you want to go back just find the exact note and change it back to default through f10.
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Aha great! Thank you Rodex!
I mean it's sad a couple of songs i've done on Guitar Pro have ended up being 2 tracks for Distortion and no Distortion...
gosh i feel thick...
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yeaaaaa, i love you zenmaestro in a non gay way

^Of course Venom, everybody does.

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This guy knows the score.

You see? Someone knows the score.
Add me to the list of people who love it. I want to hear it recorded to. I honestly have no criticisms - the riffs were good, the transitions were good, the solos were excellent, it sounded great, even ust in midi. 10/10
This is exactly the kind of thing I'm hoping to be able to one day write.

That first riff is especially good, and your use of both guitars throughout the entire song is quite possibly the best I've heard in a long while.

It's really nice to see a bass line that involves more than mirroring what the guitars are doing as well.

The only thing I didn't like were the drums at some points. It's not that there was anything wrong with them, just at some points it feels like they weren't doing justice to the rest of the song.

Either way, it's fantastic.
I really appreciate that man, makes me proud. Btw, I have been writing Gp songs for about 2 years on and off and I have just recently found my own style and formula. So no worries, you'll get there soon and judging by your own work Id say you are very very close. Hmm, yea I feel you on the drums, I just didnt want them to overtake the guitars but thanks for the crit =)
That. Was ****ing good. Awesome, actually. I really liked everything about it. Great, great job.
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Firstly, I was taken by suprise because by the look of the string arrangement I assumed that it would be some moody and atmospheric piece, but when the it kicked in I was shocked, lol.

Bars 3-9 seemed to work well in a strange way, for instance I thought that the instruments sounded good on their own but put together it was kind of a mess, but in a good way. (I don't really listen to this kind of stuff, so I don't really know what you are going for.) I did like the riff at verse 35, it was heavy, but in a happy way.

The solo was quite good, but I hope those are meant to be twin-guitar harmonies

Overall, it was pretty good. Not the kind of style that I listen to, but from an outsider's perspective it had a good vibe, I'd giveit about a 7/10.
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Well hey thanks for the crit! Yes the style is pretty different, a lot of my influences are Japanese and they have a certain sloppy loose style to their playing most of the time, which I really prefer over the chugging power 2 string pwer chords. And yes, the solo is meant to be harmonized, I was just too lazy to create a new track lol. Appreciate the honest crit, and glad I was able to impress you even if its not your style .
this is a damn good song, i really like it

i can see no faults in it - except maybe one string part - bar 19

maybe let it fade out over a longer period of time, or just have it completely stop at the end of the bar

other than that, 9/10 i say =]

crit mine? tis much like this, only on a bigger scale... lol, not as good as this though https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=858703
Well, as soon as I heard that opening riff, I thought... this sounds like Dragonforce, if Herman Li said "Hey lads, let's write some music!" To which ZP would reply "Muuu...sic?" and Herman Li would say "Yeah man, like... write with our ears and not our genitalia." and then ZP says, "Hell man, I'm in."
Then Herman is like, "Damn man, this Rodex dude beat us to it."
"No worries man," says ZP, "Let's masturbate together, and hum harmonies."


The drums are good all the way through, I envy that. The simple bass parts in the intro work really well, and this makes bar 10s bass really stand out. All the way through, the strings are perfect.

The verse chord progression I like, and the little flares here and there really keep the whole thing moving.
The riff that kicks in in bar 19, I LOVE IT, that's a pleasure to listen to, and the harmonies on the repeat can only be described as "mint".

Bringing the verse back in bar 27 works well, too, liking the strings here.

Bar 35 has a nice kinda classical feel to it, actually. I can imagine Bach having a bit of a dance to these tunes. Again, the harmonies flow seamlessly. You've got a talent.

Kind of a snappy change to the clean part in bar 43, I'd have stuck them on an extra track, and had the distortion trail off in the backround. But I don't suppose that'd be playable, live and that... but it's kind of a jump. A jump that's forgiven by the third note of clean guitar anyway, so no worries here.

OH MY WORD, the fill into the chorus was so simple, but so beautiful.

Powerful chorus too, I can imagine a sweet vocal melody.

Then BAM back into that riff, nicely done.

I like verse 7, it's a nice change =)
Likewise verse 8.

Again, love that lead into the chorus, and the chorus itself - which is always so damned well placed. Top marks for overall structure, actually.

I am jealous, you can write solos.
Excessive speed on the tapping, as it should be, and wonderful harmonies.

Bar 105 is the only negative thing I have to say, the rhythm after that sweep is kinda slippery to me... I'd nip that in the bud, if you record this, or form a band with it.
Nice trail off on the 12th fret at the end of that solo, and digging that riff again.

Bar 115 - that section comes in just where it's needed.
Same for bar 123... but...

You faded out? That's not epic! That's like sleeping with a genetically modified semi-robotic uberwoman (uber cool, not large. But not thin either, gals gotta have a bit of meat on her. I digress...) ...yeah, like sleeping with this ultimate chick, then, just as you near climax... slowly sliding out, and going home, stopping off at the library on your way, to renew a good book.

I have a thing against fade-outs... a personal vendetta.
One, it seems a sorta cop-out, and two... what do you do live? Get a friend to turn your amps down? So you're just standing there, still playing, but the sound is all gone? No man... end this ****.


Still 9.99999999999999/10 though.

Some good shiz,

Wow I have never laughed that hard reading a crit, let alone one that specifies and points out some great stuff, from someone who knows what they are talking about. Haha, cant thank you enough that was the best crit Ive seen and let alone it was for one of my songs!

Anyways ya, ending....my only fault...I can never really end a song well. Its like writers block you know? You just dont know how to end it, you have like 5 different ones but they all sound like **** to you.

Next time I post a song, your VIP for crit. Likewise anytime you need crit give me a pm.

PS Studioforce can suck it, cheers to you