I've been going to my local guitar shop the last couple of weeks, trying out guitars and what not and I've come down to 2 guitars. I like to play a lot of hard rock/metal through my Cube 30x and these 2 fit in my price range (with the Viper a bit cheaper). These two play like a dream for me, so I am torn between them.......so torn to the point I came on here to ask you fine people for your opinions.

Schecter Damien 6
* Arched basswood body
* Bolt-on rock maple neck
* Rosewood fingerboard
* 24 Extra-jumbo frets
* 25-1/2" scale
* EMG H4 bridge and EMG H4A neck pickups
* Black hardware
* Black pearl bat inlays

ESP LTD Viper 200FM
* Flamed maple top
* Agathis body
* 3-piece mahogany neck
* Bound rosewood fretboard
* ESP LH-301 humbuckers
* Black nickel hardware
* 24-3/4" scale - 24 frets

I am slightly leaning towards the Damien 6, mainly for the pickups and of course those sexy bat inlays.

My only concern with the Viper is the scale to fret ratio. What kind of differences will it make with 24 frets on a smaller scale?

Jackson DK2T Dinky
Schecter Damien 6
Ibanez ARC100-BS w/ Seymour Duncan JB
Roland Cube 30x
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Shorter scales are easier to bend on and the notes in chords blend nicely. I think you get better string to string definition on a long scale though but the strings are under greater tension as a longer string has to be tighter to give the same pitch. It's easier to reach a little farther of course on shorter scales as well.
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