Hey everyone, I'm Chattery.

Don't know what forum to post this in so I'll do it here.

I'm sort of new to guitar playing. I have a Magnum electric guitar and I only know 5 chords, four of which my fingers know off-by-heart (that would be G, Em, Asus2, D , and C is the hard one.)

I recently got a Nirvana songbook from Amazon and I really haven't had a chance to practice any of those songs mainly because I'm not an octopus (I can't hold the book, look at the notes and chords and play at the same time [BRAND NEW chords, mind you]).

So I would like to know if anyone has any relatively easy songs to recommend for a newbie?

I want to play guitar well, and when I'm doing those chords (btw it's supposed to be Boulevard of Broken Dreams - I know the finger positions more than the actual names so if I have them wrong any help would be appreciated) I feel good when I'm playing. Never took music until year 11 (the year I dropped out of school). So I'm pretty much a fish out of water! :p

If it helps, I'd like to suggest bands that I occasionally listen to to narrow songs down. I've had a look at the tabs and chords and I'm just a bit all over the place.

Bands (in no particular order):
Pearl Jam
Lamb of God
A Perfect Circle
Red Hot Chili Peppers

I'd also like it if I could get any chord or tab interpretations for Johnny Hollow? Can't find any on the internet, I know they don't use guitar much but just to play for farts and giggles, you know?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to contributing a lot to the UG Community!

*victory dance*

By the way, I'm going to get a music stand so I can start practicing Nirvana Unplugged!

So yeah just any songs you could recommend for a newbie who needs to stretch his fingers. So relatively easy songs or chords and any advice oyu can give would be greatly appreciated and stolen!
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learn some ACDC, Blink, and Green Day for Starters, and then Move on to the harder stuff
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Power chords & your basic normal ones etc are how i started, theres a nirvana tab on this site with a LOT of basic chords with them on it and all their songs, literally! Nirvana are a great place to start.

Also try the chorus to "even flow", (2 power chords + whammy bar). oh yeah, if you havent already done so, try learning tab, it helps LOADS

"all my life" by foo's
"god save the queen" by the pistols (if thats your thing)
uhhh... seven nation army
Ash songs are fun to begin with too

hope i helped, by the way, if you cant do summit atraight away KEEP TRYING, "about a girl" confuzed the life out of me for days on end, but just keep doing it, thats how you get better

update: that was a while back, i've moved on now, but thats how i began. once you learn 3 or so songs: thats it!
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Cool, I'll definitely check out some Acca Dacca.

Seven nation Army, definitely. I'm just trying to think of songs I know well that could help me play you know.

Oh, and by the way, I'll never post in The Pit! Unless of course I'm feeling suicidal...*evil smirk*

I tried looking at Tabs and I get confused!!! I don't know why!

Explanation of tabs?

I feel like a complete fool asking all this stuff but hey you gotta start somewhere right?!
*victory dance*
One that everyone will know right now! Pork and Beans by Weezer! Easy as hell and is fun to play! xD
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