hey guys, so my band has started to do some home recordings. Right now what we do is plug the headphone jacks of our amps into the computer, and we can't hear ourselves play. We also record our vocals by going through our PA system and then the speaker out into the computer. We then have it all in Mixcraft 4 and it sounds very very Demo-like. There must be a better way to do all of this. I've heard about mic-ing guitar amps and i've heard about mixers, but i have no clue how to use them. Also is there a way to have the whole band play at the same time and record it all?

Could someone please tell me what I will need, and how to wire it all properly?

Thank you.
For recording amps get a nice mic (possibly an SM57)? and a recording interface so you won't be using your soundcards crappy preamps
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It really depends on your budget. Still, I'm pretty sure you can get by with less than $300.
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Recording Guitar Amps 101

You're going from the speaker out of the PA to the computer?!

You are going to blow something up, and blow it up good. Probably your computer. Surely, there must be another 'non-powered' output from your PA you can run into the computer?

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