I wrote this when I was 15 years old. I was just digging through some old stuff of mine, thought this was pretty cool. I would like some constructive criticism and crit4crit.

As I am laying in my dark womb

It feels like I am buried in a tomb

I lay in the dark, listening to

The whispers of the wind

They are voices of a thousand faces

The ones who built trees, and left the dark, empty spaces

The lullaby of the moon helps me sleep

The moon built holes that are deep

Far away in the night time, where the ocean dwells

I can hear it's soft, washing cry

The trees in the dark forest sway

The echoes in the sky reachout

the wind's violent fists hit my window

As they cry out in fear and darkness

The darkness is soothing as it washes over me

My eyes are closed but I can see

The wind sway throughout the trees

I can see the dark blue sky, the white stars in twists and

twirls making pictures with their interstellar glow

The moon, that big round orb of light being the spectator of it all

Our gaurdian, our saviour, our god

The night will soon be over

Lying in my bed, like I have passed on

but I am only dreaming

of what has past, present, and future

As the magnificent sun rises

I awake to the morning's orange sky

My time of the night is over.
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