i would really like to get into these two fellas, but i don't really know much about them.
my question to you guys is:
- What is the best 'best of' Hendrix CD ? (i saw 'Experience Hendrix' today, it seemed to have quite a bit of his good songs though i don't really know him well)

- what's the best 'best of' SRV CD ?

much appreciated !
Don't "want" to get into them, if you like them, then like them. If you don't, then don't feel pressured to like them.
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^^i googled a lot already, but i don't know enough about both to know which best ofs are the most complete...

^ i'm not pressuring myself to, i would just like to get to know their music with the best best of cd of both...
i'd say........don't go best of for Jimi.........SRV, whatever the heck ya want........just get Jimi's three big albums........don't go best of.
Blues and Jazz Forum for SRV.

His first album Texas Flood is a good place to start.

For Hendrix: Electric Ladyland is my favourite album followed by Are You Experienced. For some reason Axis: Bold as Love never really did it for me.

Don't get a best of though, just listen to as much as possible on youtube and then decide on what album to buy first!
Hendrix has 3 studio cds, youre better off getting all 3 then going for a greatest hits. The essential SRV, 2 cd set is perfect.
for srv get "the essential" double disk

For hendrix Try the "are you experienced" for some early stuff and then "blues" for IMO the better stuff
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i'd say........don't go best of for Jimi.........SRV, whatever the heck ya want........just get Jimi's three big albums........don't go best of.

why not, and what are those 3 big albums ?
Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection

The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Those have everything, or near enough to it.
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The Essential SRV.

I've got it. It got me into SRV. It's 33 songs.

As for hendrix, just get his 3 studio albums, those being "are you experienced", "Axis: bold as love" and "electric ladyland", as already mentioned. They're all different, but each has great tunes on them.

Only 3 studio and 1 live album were released during Hendrix' lifetime. After his death there was a truckload of unreleased material, mostly gigs and jams. But the studio albums remain the best.
i like hendrix's work when he was with the band of gypsies, look up "who know" or their cover of "them changes"
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Well now that I know what artists you mean. I'd say get the Voodoo Child greatest hits and to get a taste for him and then get his studio albums, can't help you with SRV.
I agree with those above that say get the studio albums. All 3 are masterpieces. Are you experienced is probably the most straightfoward, and by ELectric Ladyland he was getting really experimental (well more so). Hendrix's awesome playing and tones make each album an amazing experience. Really Hendrix got me into rock and I still think that there's no one who can speak through their guitar quite like he could.
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Listen to some live Hendrix for the full experience... stuff like "Machine Gun" and the entire Woodstock and Monterey festivals.

There are tons of live and studio Hendrix songs that are fantastic in their own way, the neat thing about the guy is that no matter what you will always keep finding something new that he did and there's a 99% chance that it's great.