I been playing for a good few years, mostly grungey metal thats not really required much fingerwork, but latley Ive been listening to alot of Stevie Ray Vaughan. This has really got me into wanting to learn to play bluesey style guitar. I dont know any scales/theory etc, but want to learn!! Anyone know any good websites to point me in the right direction? Or just got any general tips? Thanks!
B|----------------| - basic blues scale position (C), move that around a bit.
Most people say that you play the blues by playing the blues scale. I'd say it's all about rythm. Listen to some (traditional?) blues records, play the chords (not the scale) and try to get that rythm down. Once you've got the rythm and the feeling, playing the bluesscale becomes easy as if you've never done anything else :-).

good luck!
sounds like a good plan
maybe i should do that too!?!
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Start learning some jazzy chords, as that's the hardest part. Learning the pentatonic and blues scales can help.


A Blues Scale, you can move that up or down the neck for different keys.
(Minor) Pentatonic Scale
Blues Scale

Some nice 'jazzy' chords wouldn't go amiss.

Rhythm is important, as unlike metal, you don't try and play as fast as you can :p

Feeling is however the most important part of the blues. That's what its all about. Just let the music flow.
+1 what everyones said here

prob stating the obvious but learn the standard 12-bar I-IV-V progression, and dominant chords that you can use over it (dom7, 9ths, 11ths, 13ths)

Soloing wise, once you have the blues scale down, try and fit the licks that you work out, into the progression. One of the keys to making it sound good is landing on the right note over the right chord at the right time - emphasizing the notes in your licks that relate to the chord you're playing over. You'll find in the individual chord tones you'll have a whole bunch of notes that arent in the blues scale, that u can add to your licks to make your soloing more interesting. As the other guys said its all about taste and feeling!