Hello, I'm fairly new to these forums so don't bite off my head (wait until I do something stupid)

I would like to know how to achieve a hard rock sound with my Marshall Zack Wylde Mini stack and my epiphone custom SG.

I know nothing on how to set the EQ on the amp to achieve good tones.
Your help would be appreciated.
The key to it is not to follow a recipe but to learn to use your ears. Set the EQ flat on the amp (everything halfway) and play your guitar, then try cutting and boosting each band individually in turn and get to know what they sound like. You'll soon get to know what you think sounds best for the song you want to play and the guitar you're using.
Thanks,I'm gonna try that.

Also,I hear differing opinions on the marshall zack wylde mini stack,what do you think about it?
I haven't played it, but there's probably reviews of it in the review section, or threads about it in GG&A. I wouldn't worry about looking for reviews of something after you've bought it though!
I think it's pretty meh. Kinda gimmicky, not really good for anything except looking kinda cool IMO.
I have had one of these for about a year and i Love it. My ZW Micro stack has never had a problem. It is awsome for indoor practice or warm ups but not loud enough to play next to a drum set.
Here's how I set my EQ's:
-Plug everything in and set EQ flat (everything at 12 o clock)
-Play an E power chord (022xxx) and turn the bass up/down until you have "boom" in your sound, you should hear a noticeable volume swell at some point.
-For mids, I play the D and G string together. Again turn the mids knob up or down until you notice a volume swell.
- Treble, I play this (xxxx02) a B powerchord I guess... And turn the knob until it's right.

Now you should have a nice balanced sound.

Note that you might want to change this depending on other things (guitar, distortion channel, clean channel, ...)
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