So I'm sure everyone is tired of these but I just need some direction.

I previously tried to learn guitar when I hardly had any free time. So I would just work on some chords and that would really be it. Not putting an hour or hours of practice into it. One of my mine problems I had was my strumming. For the life of me I couldn't get my strumming down. Um, pretty much what I am asking is what should I work on. I really want to play hardcore and metalcore stuff but I know I have to learn traditional style before I try to learn appregios and things to that nature. So what I really want to know is what are the things I need to work on and can you give me a song example for each thing that could help me work on it.?

Thanks for your time.
What exactly is your problem with strumming? Are you strumming open chords? If so just mute the strings that aren't in the chord with your thumb, then strum all six strings. Cake
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It's not open stuff like for hardcore. I just mean straight up strumming. I can't ever get it to sound good to me.
flatten the pick a little and strum SLOWLY. Just play the open strings at first then try and do it with a chord. It sounds like you are completely clueless when it comes to guitar maybe you should check out Justinguitar a free guitar instructional site. Take a gander at the newbie course.
Here's some of the main factors I've found that affect strumming tone:

Angle that pick hits the strings
Where the pick hits the string(i.e. very tip of the pick, or a centimeter from the tip)
How tightly you're holding the pick
General force of strumming
Where on the guitar you're strumming(Close to bridge yields more twang, while close to neck yields a more deep sounding chord)

Overall, you just need to practice and find what sounds good to you for metal/ hardcore (I'm no expert, so i won't try to give advice for that).
I'm not completely clueless. I'm actually thinking about getting lessons too. I just want to get a headstart I suppose.
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Anyways, As what other people said before i got here that is basically it, Pretty simple. But good luck.
my advice would to take it slow at first. dont try to play anything too fast. im gonna tell you what rbouchard47 said evern though you obviously just saw it haha. start with single strings. once youre able to pick the strings individually up and back down the neck, then try alternating.
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