Warning! Noob question ahead.
Ive got my guitar tunned into drop c (i think anyway c g c fad) how would i practise using this tunning.
And is there any other way than just playing songs written in said tunning.
because all the tutorials are written in standard tuning.
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If you're just practicing general technique, it doesn't really matter if you're tuned down. If you're playing scales and modes, I suggest you practice them in the tuning your guitar is usually in.
So if you've only tuned down temporarily, learn your scales in Standard tuning, but if your guitar is always in Drop C, I'd try to transpose the scales to the right pitch in your tuning.
tune your low C up to D and just play the exersize anyways, just don't play along with the recording because it'll sound like crap.

OR, tune your guitar back up, it's not hard, you don't have to be teh br00talz for practicing.
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try thunderhorse for the hell of it
^dethklok is standard C i believe. I think they jump around though
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It wont sound the same, but technique wise it is. Just play to get your fingers into the whole muscle memory aspect of it.
this is what every drop c song looks like in my head:


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Learn to transpose notes.

You can play anything in drop C that you would in normal tuning. I do it all the time.
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