The other day, My 7 inch screen portable DVD player broke (the lens on the player.) So I just had the idea of using it in a guitar. Routing will need to be done, thats not the question at this point. And I'm not messing with a guitar I actually use, it's a piece of crap.
So now that that's done with, I'd like to know how to get this screen set up so i could connect av cables to connect to it. If someone could help me out, let me know. I also would like some suggestions on would to do with it. I'll have some pics up of the circuit board, but crap ones at that.

Full Thing:
Bottom Circuit Board:
Side Circuit Borad:
Bottom Circuit Board Where the Dvd to Screen Connection is ( i think):
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sounds like an interesting project

you would probably have to route places to put RCA jacks in the guitar, and also a power adapter jack or something... do you know how much voltage/amps the screen runs on?
this seems like a cool idea. umm i think your gonna need extreme electrical experience to hook up it up though. umm maybe buy a cheap one and salvage the wiring. idk.
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i'd try and find someone who has some knowledge fixing those units and they might be able to help you out, but it seem pretty complicated. good luck!
Well if you want suggestions on what to do the first thing I thought of was giant built in tuner.

And then I thought you should find a way for that screen to display tabs or sheet music...
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Did the DVD player already have video inputs? If not, don't even bother, you wouldn't be able to accomplish your goal without serious help. If so, it's a matter of soldering connections and mounting connectors.
Sounds good! Should be a good project I'm gonna wait and see.

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an electronics forums or an electronics shop should be able to help out more than anyone here
yeah i do need serious help from an electronics forum. ill look around. if i figure things out ill post heree again, if not i wont lol. seems harder than i thouight it would be. plus im on vacation pretty much the rest of the summer
This can not be done. You'd need a display controller for the LCD. The DVD player has one built-in, but it's part of the main PCB. It's not a case of just plugging stuff directly into the LCD - you need a controller to interface between the information being sent and the LCD, to interpret and process it for displaying.