My Whammy pedal seems to be acting up. It becomes unusable and all lights switch off, but there is still power getting to the pedal as I can still play through my setup. Normally if there is no power my signal chain is broken and I get nothing from my amp.

I noticed the LED's starting to flicker before it eventually disappears altogether. Anyone had this problem before ? Any idea what causes it and how to fix it ? I've tried re-calibrating the treadle, but hasnt appeared to have done anything to help.

I'm puzzled.
sound pretty shagged tbh. still under warranty?
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Battery problem? Otherwise return it back to the store

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Are you using the supplied power adapter or a third-party one, such as a Visual Sound 1Spot?

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Howdy. The power supply is the official one from brand new. It should still be under warranty, the same thing has happened to the unit my friend has but his power supply is suspect looking.

I got it from Merchant City Music in Glasgow, its a reputable store (www.guitar.co.uk)