just put on some ernie balls it'll do fine with those
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no such thing as "best" strings for rhythym

just put your guitar on "rhythym" by switching to your "rhythym" pickup
I guess whatever tunings you play with. I've heard a larger guage is for more drop-tunings but I could be wrong. 11 seems a tad high but whatever works for you I guess. I stick with 9s or 10s
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My G string keeps slipping when i bend it.
Any suggestions?
Thinner strings will sound a bit lighter, heavier ones will sound heavier. So if you like .11's stick with them, I used to play with them for a year, switched to .10's as I like a little more twang... Just play around with different gauges a bit.
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yeah, I use .10's. I use D'addario's because the string stays the same gauge the entire length of the string. Unlike some other brands that start as a .10 but taper down to a .9

also they feel easier to my fingers.

especially on jazz chords :


^ Bb13 <-------ouch!