what is the difference between this http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-103630810-i1148847.gc and http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Classic-Series--60s-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-510135-i1146288.gc What makes the price difference? Is their beter pickups or just a better build overall?

And how much better will the 400$ stratocaster be than my starcaster?
Whats the difference between those two also (the Starcaster and stratocaster)

Sorry for all the questions.
Well im pretty sure that ones an MIM,and the other is basucally a strat from the 60s era,idk if its the same as a modern one but just aged differently,although i think theres a differnt body shape somehow...idk
I think the first is a better buy. With the 60's, you are paying for a replica with vintage pickups, but you didn't know that so why pay an extra $300 for it? The first one would suit you better.

A starcaster is made out of plywood I assume, while the strat is an alder body. The strat will have a higher level of craftsmenship and better attention to detail when being manufactured.

Edit: The 60s has a 7 1/4 inch neck radius as well.
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if you can afford the 60's, get that. it will probably have a much better tone. but go to a shop and test them out.
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i would say better pick ups and workmanship but i own a mim tele and its pretty good not the best tele but good enogh but yeah go try them out before buying

Starcaster = 70s hollow body guitar theres also a Strat copy call Starcaster as seen on target stores

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if you can afford the 60's, get that. it will probably have a much better tone. but go to a shop and test them out.

It would probably have better tone, but only due to the pick ups. You could get new pick ups of your choice for the MIM strat for cheaper than the 60's.