A new direction for me, dunno whether or not I'll stay with it though, C4C as usual, any comments welcome and I will crit yours straight away! Have fun with it, and please be brutal

Puppet Strings From the Makers of Madness

Welcome Home my friend,
Are you on the mend?
Seeing things the way they seem
Only through a dream

Have you seen your end?
Were you satisfied?
On the inside
Where it all begins

From the Makers of Madness
You’ll never break free
Puppet strings hold tightly
Never will your run from me

Waiting on the moon
Night will fall soon
There’s something in there
Neon signs behind your eyes

From the Makers of Madness
Puppet strings hold tight
Controlling your mind
From which you transgress

When the skies arrive
And the night collides
Turning fire into blue
I could sing a song to you

There is no end
Sign in again
Your story never ends
Welcome home my friend

From the Makers of Madness
You’ll never break free
Puppet strings hold tightly
Never will your run from me

there it is have fun with it

Led Zepper
Okay, so when I first saw the title, I thought, "Oh boy, another Master of Puppets."
But, this has its resemblances and its differences, which is all I was hoping to see.

The first two stanzas(correct me if I'm wrong) are very interesting. However, in the
first stanza, the line,"are you on the mend?" I thought was a little rocky at first, but
after reading through and finding the flow, I thought it was perfect. The next stanza(the chorus) is very mystical, but I think that you are trying to say that this song has a different meaning to it, not just I have total control sucker, so you can't run away.
The way I see it, I think this song is about an epiphany, that the truth is your death
coming closer and closer, and you can't change it because destiny has you stringed to its fingers. And, that is cool.
I don't have much else to say about the rest of it, besides great job, and I hope you continue doing songs like this!

I don't have a link, but if you want to crit mine, it is called Live Here, Die Here.

Hold the Heathen hammer high!
black amendment thanks a lot for putting an input into my song, means a graet deal to see how people react to my work, good or bad, but it feels fantastic when people enjoy what I've done, and get the message, or at least the obvious meanings then the meaning thats wrapped beneath it, and when one can understand them, makes me feel good, lol, sorry I'm rambling.


Led Zepper