I'm trying to decide on which amp to get, so if you own one of the amps or if you have tried one out if u could give me your opinons on the amps.

I want amp capable of metal tones (Death, Metallica, Megadeth,etc) but verstile so i can still play blues and jazz as well.

Well the V3 is very capable of playing metal, (thats what i play), and it is very versitile, i play a small amount of blues too and it sounds great on the clean channel. You really can get many tones out of it, i would definitely suggest it.
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The Legacy is more of rock and hard rock amp, whilst the V3 can handle very metallic tones.
v3. there's a guy on youtube with one that has done Death and At the Gates covers, and they sound really tight. Also, you may want to check out FastRedPonyCar's vid's on youtube for the V3 if you want some more clips. Either way, the V3's the way to go out of the two.