I think i need your help....

I´ve now been playing for 6 months so i already know a few scales and i think i´ve already decided in what i want to be good at: Blues Rock.
The problem is that i dont have lots of references. I only have in my Ipod as Blues Eric Clapton, BB King, Back Door Slam.

I often find amazing blues guitarists like in the top 25 from Joe Bonamassa but i dont know what are the master primes behind those... so i think im missing the classicals.

So my question is what are the best Blues cd , like a top ten that i sould began to hear and from that start searching other things?

PS sory for my english
Look in to some Stevie Ray Vaughan
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I would check out some early Zepplin, Cream, Buddy Guy, SRV, Hendrix, and even some Pink Floyd. Alot of the solos from Page and Gilmour had lots of blues influences in em, and SRV was just great, altho not technically blues rock.
Look into Angus Young's style and see if you like that, blues and rock are really closely related and Angus was able to write some awesome licks using the blues/pentatonic scales.
Just to tell you, you're in the wrong forum! Try taking this thread to the Blues forum or something.
I just want to say back door slam is amazing.

And get hendrix's blues cd.
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Get Eric Clapton + BB King's "Riding with the king" album
Get SRV + Double Trouble's "In Step" album
Get Jimi Hendrix's "Blues" album

Those are the essentials
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