I have a boss bcb-60 pb And in it i have
Boss giga delay
Boss blues driver
Boss ds-1
Dunlap wah,
And i seem to be losing intensity and sound at the end of it all, Any suggestions?
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Boss Ds-1
Boss Dlues driver
Boss Giga delay.

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get rid of all that ****. Pure tone baby!
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Quote by batman123
get rid of all that ****. Pure tone baby!

thats not always true. true bypass is good but not in a longer chain. its always nice to have a decent buffer at the end of a chain.
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Get something like an MXR Mini-amp or any clean boost, or a BBE Sonic Stomp and put it at the end of your pedalboard. I think your problem lies in the fact that your signal runs thru so much cable, and your pedals are true bypass, not buffered bypass. It causes signal loss, and the Sonic Stomp is made pretty much for that purpose. A clean boost would get your signal level back to where you want it to be. An EQ pedal might be another solution.
^ All of the Boss pedals are buffered, and unless the Dunlop is modified it'll be an output-switching bypass. One looper to bypass the entire chain is my solution.