Hey guys, well, I've been playing for about 3 years now and have decided to start playing small shows with my acoustic. Well, to be heard, I'm really wanting to get an acoustic electric guitar, but I'm not really looking into spending a whole lot. My price range is around $300. Looking around I found two guitars that seem pretty good, that i'm really concidering in buying yet I don't know which:
They are




Though if you guys have any other suggestions they are greatly appriciated
the onboard pickup and electronics on the epiphone electro acoustics aren't so great.
so from those two, i'd choose the fender.
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I got a Limited Edition Heritage Cherry Sunburst Pr5e last month. I wish i had checked out this forum before i got it tho. Everyone's knocking this guitar and its electronics.

I was actually under the impression that it was a solid top but i guess not.

What's actually wrong with the electronics that makes them not so ideal?

I like it alot but i only use the tuner. Should i look to sell and forget the electronics for now? Then buy a pickup if and when needed?
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I'm in the same position as you, i was looking for an electro acoustic around the same price for gigging with, but i've decided to get a Yamaha FG730S acoustic, and buy a pickup seperate, as i figured i'd get a much better guitar for my money if i was to go just for an acoustic, and the Yamaha FG730S imo is a great guitar. All the electro-acuostics under $300 i never find very good.