I didnt play for about 2 days because of me being busy,i was gone all day,and now i started today and my hands keep getting caught on my neck.They just wont slide and they just stop.Shood i put some lotion on my neck so that i can slide,or just keep practicing(i cant play my best)

Also i cant play songs as well,when im gone i usually experiance this but not after one day..is there like some product to make my hands fast again or just keep practicing the way i usually do(20 mins when i wake up,after lunch,after shower,and before bed each day,if it means anything)
Just practice dude; you're a bit rusty and maybe having an off day as well, it happens to us all.
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Your hands are probably just cold. Just do warm ups.

It's because your callouses are healing over in the time of not playing. When your fingers are soft they don't slide down the strings as easily as they would when your fingers are hard with callouses. Happens to me quite often as well.
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Playing cold dude... just keep playing you will warm up...
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I think he's referring to his hand gliding across the back of the neck, like if your hand is sweaty or so... talcum powder will cure this. I like to sand down the backs of my necks to take away the glossy finish, I use a real fine steel wool and it works great. However, i wouldnt do this with a real expensive guitar, due to the fact that it would decrease the value....