American Strat is made in America; Standard is made in Mexico. The American has better wood, better electronics, etc.

I'm not saying the standard is a bad guitar though. It's just that the American is generally better.
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yeah, but you should change out the pots as well. more noticeable features on the american include a better fret job, and a better tremolo system. the mexican strats are steals for the price though. $500 dollars is a lot of money that could be put towards something else, such as a nice tube combo.
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oh haha (if i were to change the pickups on the mexican strat would it make it better?)

Not necessarily. It depends on the pups you choose, and the quality of the rest of the guitar. A pickup change is not going to be like a magic medicine, remember that. An amp upgrade often is a lot better.
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i have a vox half stack..to me its amazing

and i was gonna get custom shop late 60's strat pickups

i was already gonna get those for the american strat though