Was wondering if anybody could lend some advice to help me get the best setup for my new venture into the 'taking guitar seriously' phase.

I currently have a Vintage metal axxe reaper, a Behringer 15w acoustic amp (guitar shop guy's fault) playing through a boss ds-1 distortion pedal, which has lasted me a while but as Im just starting to join a band I feel like i need some better gear. I have the opportunity to buy a new set-up '57 Epiphone Les Paul Junior for around £200, which I believe is a bit of a good deal (if its not let me know!), and looking for new effects and an amp to compliment it.

Usually I play quite a lot of metal, death angel/megadeth etc., ive heard from a couple of people that the P100 pickup on the guitar isn't ideal for playing metal, has anyone had any experience with one before? I've also heard mixed reviews of the line 6 spider 3 series, which I was looking to buy too.

Could anyone help me with some suggestions? Thanks!
A humbucker will sound better for metal! And Spider 3 amps are only good for practice or maybe a small rehearsal.
A humbucker will be better for metal. And Spider 3's arent too good for turning up loud. If you can find something all-tube, like a used Valveking, then throw a good, powerful overdrive in front of it, like a ZW-44, you should have a great, gigable metal setup.