I've been looking into getting a new amp for blues/classic rock and I have heard lots of good things about the Cornford Hurricane. The amp is a British 20w class A amplifier and uses 2x EL84's and 4x 12AX7's and from what Ive seen and heard it gives a really nice clean tone and when cranked, a gritty overdriven tone. This seems to be the perfect amp for me. I have a few questions about it, if anyone has any experience with one. Apparently, there isn't much headroom so when you start to turn the volume up it starts breaking up around 11o'clock, is that true? And would it be worth getting an OD pedal such as a tubescreamer to give it a little boost?
-It's not class A (not that it matters)
-15W of EL84 power is not going to give you a lot of headroom. It's more or less a hotrodded AC15, which is usually run right in the sweet spot, where you can roll off your guitar volume for cleans and turn up for crunch.
-Headroom depends a lot on your guitar and application. What are you using right now guitarwise? What kind of music and gigs are you playing?
-I don't think you'd need a tubescreamer with it, but of course you can always pick one up if you feel like you need it. I wouldn't buy one until you've had the amp for a while though.
My 2 cents on the matter are that if you can deal with the limited headroom, it's a fantastic amp. Unless you need to get squeaky clean jazz tones over a drummer, I think it's a great idea. I would play the amp first though, they're not for everyone.
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At the moment I'm using my Ibanez JS1200 and Fender Classic 50's Strat and playing alot of ZZ top, SRV, Hendrix and Santana. I really want to try out this amp somewhere but due to the Hurricane being a fairly rare amp and not stocked in many stores, I don't know if I'll be able to give it a try. The closest store to me is Soundcontrol in Norwich (now Reverb) who I dont believe stocks it but i plan on buying the amp used off eBay or something...