I just ordered Seymour Duncans for my Ibanez guitar. I understand that the bridge in an Ibanez guitar is supposed to be an "f-spaced" bridge (I use an RG5EX1), however, I believe that my Seymour Duncans were all standard size (it didn't offer "f-spaced"). I would like to wire and do everything myself, so I can learn, however, it's not the wiring that concerns me.

When I install the bridge pickup, would I have to file away a little bit of my guitar to fit it in? If so, it wouldn't be a really drastic thing, would it? In other words, about how much of my guitar would I have to file away? (Ex: 1mm, 2mm, .5mm)

All help is appreciated. Please and Thank You
F spacing means that the pickup pole pieces are spaced slightly further apart, because the bridges mean that the gap between the strings is slightly bigger. Having the pole pieces gives the string more 'coverage'. I doubt you will have to file anything away, if anything there will be more space because the new pickups will be slightly smaller.
Filing shouldn't need to be done for something like this - your guitar should have ample room for the pickups.

However, I'm curious - which pickups did you order? They SHOULD be spaced okay, but it depends on the model.
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I got an SH-4 for the bridge. Hopefully, I wouldn't have to file anything away. I would really hate to do it, although if I have to, I will.
I'm almost positive you won't have to file anything away. I believe SD makes a TB-4 (which is the "Trembucker," or F-spaced, version of the pickup), but that's less common and harder to find, depending on where you're ordering from.

However, not having an F-spaced replacement pickup doesn't automatically guarantee that you'll encounter problems. Your best bet is to remove your old pickup, and set the new one in the pickup slot without actually soldering it in. If the magnets are grossly misaligned with the strings, send it back. Otherwise, you should be okay.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
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As in, the string isn't covered at all by a magnet. Even if it isn't dead center, it'll still pick up vibrations from the string.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
oh, okay. thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.

if i have more questions, I'll come back and ask.

Thanks once again