I don't get it...
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just try doing them everyday and eventually your fingers will be able to stretch out
do you mean they suck because they're hard to do or suck cause they don't sound good to you?
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yeah man. itll take a bit but theres no point in complaining you cant get it right unless you try you know?

by the way everyone, this is my first thread. im new. so just saying hi!
Quote by Scion
do you mean they suck because they're hard to do or suck cause they don't sound good to you?

They suck because I suck. I know there is no quick way to do it. I just wanted to bitch to you digitized people
think of it as another obstacle to overcome. everyone on this forum had a problem at one point or another with barre chords. no one just picks up the guitar and knows everything man haha. if you keep it up youll eventually get it. the same way you probably learned power chords, or a solo to a song. eventually you hear it and you do it.
Don't take it the wrong way, but bitching won't fix anything.

The only answer is practice. To quote someone else, "Practice is the process of solving problems. Your ability to solve problems will be equal to the strength of your desire, awareness, and understanding".

Do em till they hurt. But don't just do the shapes and call it a day, really pay attention to what your posture, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers are doing as you play. It's all connected. Which strings aren't ringing out? Why? How come this one area of your hand is getting sore? Too much pressure? Not enough? Right pressure, wrong area of the fretboard? Is your shoulder, arm, or neck getting sore, tense, or uncomfortable, or do you find yourself contorting into weird positions as you play?

The great thing about chords is they almost troubleshoot themselvs. If you focus on what you're doing instead of just going through the motions, you'll figure out what you need to do. However, don't whine about it. If it was easy, everyone would do it. You either want it or you don't, but either way it's a choice. Don't complain because everything isn't Mary Had a Little Lamb.
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just keep going through the motion with your fretting hand on the same chord shape for 5-10 minutes straight and slowly it gets easier