I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now and was looking in to getting a bass by the end of this year as well. I wouldn't want anything much over $200. Just looking to hear what you bass players think of certain brands etc. I currently own to ESP guitars and love the quality. Figured one of their lower LTD model basses would be great to start off with. But if you guys reccomend a certain brand or bass let me know. Also what are some good decent bass amps? Do I have to use a bass amp? Remember, I don't want to go crazy and spend loads of cash.

im not much of a bassist, but i would DEFINITELY suggest to use a bass amp for bass. it could happen, or it couldnt, but you never know if you could blow out your guitar amp. its one thing i freak out about forsure haha. but yeah man, definitely use a bass amp for that.
Yeah I was a little worried about that as well. I wont be using my guitar's amp for sure then. Thanks for the heads up.

anyone else?
I looked a bit and still am leaning towards an ltd.

From owning a bolt-on guitar and moving to a neck-thru, there was a lot of sustain difference. Does it really matter as much in a bass? Because I don't plan on dishing out enough cash to get a neck thru.
get an ibanez GSR200.
i was in the same boat as you and i bought this. its a swell instrument.
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get an ibanez GSR200.
i was in the same boat as you and i bought this. its a swell instrument.

There alright instruments, after a year with one you'll be desperate for a new one, but by then hopefully you'll be getting a new one. And personally the white or red are the better finishes I own the white and its rather lovely.

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If you had bothered to look in the FAQ, ALL of your questions are answered there.
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check the FAQ
if you want it to be versatile then go with GSR200
for punk and overall rock tones squier p bass
for rock with more bite and jazz go with squier j bass
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ESP basses are awesome in quality and sound, but they tend to price high for a good one. Try going for a Dean Playmate. Only 150 or so bucks and has good quality and sound.
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