Here's the deal...

I've got a crybaby I've had for maybe a year or so. (It's pretty much the basic model, no fasel inductor or anything fancy) Anyways, I've always run it before my DS-1 Distortion on one of my amps, And I've gotten along fine with that.
Now, Correct me if I'm wrong, but Distortion THEN Wah is supposed to produce a more harsh, intense effect, Right?

That's where the problem is.

I'll link it up, But it's just epic fails. The only decent bit of the effect is when the pedal is pretty much toe-down. As soon as you rock it back, You lose all the Wah effect and it just drops back into a bassy mess.

Any help from anyone? Am I doing something wrong? Is it my effects/Settings? Or is it the pedal?
put the wah before the pedal.
i have the same set up.
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I always put my wah after the distortion, and have never had this problem. How much bass are you dialing in on the amp and on the distortion?
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hm. I can't say I have ever encountered this problem. my dist-then-wah setup (I use MT-2 for distortion) works out just fine for me, and is actually really sick-sounding when I kick in the wah. It just rips and is epic win. well here's a few things to take into consideration;

1) It may be the wah pedal itself. Maybe it's defective.

2) It could be your distortion pedal. Maybe DS-1 is not the best distortion to pair up with that specific wah.

3) It could be the settings on your amp and/or pedal (as Kid_Thorazine had mentioned)

4) Maybe it's the kind of amp/speakers you use. I had a similar problem, although not as drastic, when I owned a transistor amp. once I went tube, that's when the sound kicked ass.

That's what I think it may be. i could be wrong. I really hope you can fix the problem