Hey guys. New song is up. It's got a piano based song, very upbeat. ArcadeFire-esque, harmony, drums, organ, bass, everything I could throw at it. Let me know what you think. Is the Mix alright? Missing anyhting? How about the bridge, any ideas for what should go there? I was thinking a guitar solo, however, the song lacks any guitar so I think perhaps something else should fit in there. a Triangle solo?

Song is called "How It Ends" and is on my Myspace.
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It's a very upbeat song
Mixing is good, everything sounds balanced. It doesn't sound like it's necessarily missing anything either.
If you want something for the bridge, since it's a piano-based song, maybe a Yes- or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer-style keys solo? Maybe it's because that's all I've been listening to today, but I think if you were able to pull it off it would sound really neat.
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The intro piano is a bit off rhythm wise, only slightly enough to notice. Not really a fan of it's tone either. Bass and organ sound good though. You might want to sing a bit more clearly, some words get lost in the mix. I think it works well enough without a solo section. crit mine?https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15125224#post15125224
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