My friend and I are playing a show at our local VFW for this annual summer concert thing that they do. Not really a concert, or even a show, but it's pretty cool. And we have some relaxing songs on acoustic that we know... but we want some more. I've been listening to these songs a lot lately-

Closer to the Sun- Slightly Stoopid
Champagne- 311
Badfish- Sublime

A lot of songs like that. With nice drum beats and such, and pretty nice acoustic/electric riffs.

So recommendations please. You know, summer songs, that when you hear it, it screams summertime.
Stir it up-Bob Marley
Island in the sun-Weezer
Amber-311 (A lot of 311's stuff would work well but you probably don't want more than 1 or 2 songs from them in the set)
Santa Monica-Everclear
Burn one down-Ben Harper
Summer skin by DCFC is a good song but it's more mellow and moody than happy and upbeat (EDIT: Crooked teeth by them would be a lot better, it's upbeat and fun to play)
Good people-Jack Johnson (Or pretty much any of his stuff for that matter)
Sex and candy-Marcy Playground
Pretty much any RHCP.
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Play some Jimmy Buffet. One of the most chill dudes I know of.

I respect it, but I just don't think that'd flow with our persona/rest of the setlist.
I listen to Jimi Hendrix on any warm day.
Go and chill in the sun.
Feels great really.

Also, so long since i've even accessed this account... :|
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Bubbletoes ftw.

Jack Johnson - Cocoon
Ben Harper - With My Own Two Hands
The Beautiful Girls - Periscopes or Let's Take the Long Way Home
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some john butler stuff like 'better than' and 'peaches and cream' that's some chilled out stuff man
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