I'm wondering about getting a Boss Gt-pro.
It seems very nice and things , also got a good price on it.
Watched alot of reviews , videos, etc of it , and it seems very good.

Do any of you have any good,or bad experiences to share?
It might seem very good in the reviews and demos but in terms of usage, I would say that you would be better off getting the single effects boxes unless you're absolutely opposed to. The Boss is probably very good for what it does, but usually the single effects have superior sound compared to multi effects.

EDIT: I just realized that what I said was probably completely pointless. Try it out and if you like it, buy it.
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I would say that the GT-10 is better. The GT-Pro is just a rackmountable GT-8.
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Been doing some research , and I think I'm going to buy the GT-10 instead.