ohh it sounds good. if your trying to match the singer then not really but you put a good twist on it.

The guitar seems a little out of tune.
I'm assuming your new to singing. Your pitch is alright, a bit flat in some bits, most prominent in the chorus.

when you say "don't let the days go by", don't add a breath in after you "the", it makes you sound asthmatic.

when you sing the chorus, try not to say "day-eeez go-w bye"
try singing "deeeeh-s gooo-h baaaaaa-ye"

sing "days" as if your saying the start of egg = eh
sing go as if your saying the start of orange = oh
sing by like your saying the first part of butt

essentially, when you hit the first sound, vowel keep that going as the body of the note. if u say essentially the entire word and drag out the last sounds, they'll sound very squished.

hopefully you'll understand what I'm getting at.
was quite good, but that song was too easy to sing, try one with higher and/or lower parts