so im lookin at amps to replace my Spider 3 120 since it sounds kinda digital so im already lookin at bugera amps so if u could reccomend a bugera model or an entire different brand (i dont care if u do). i would greatly appreciate it.

i play mostly hard rock, thrash metal, some death metal and some blues so im willing to buy some pedals and i dont care if the amp has any affects at all since all i use is delay.
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I would recommend the Randall rg50tc, then buy a noise gate (ISP decimator) and a delay pedal (i like the carbon copy)
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marshalls are cool and all but when he wants an amp that can play up to death metal, you are going to want to go with something that has alot more gain.

I would really look into that randall, I dont know much about bugera amps but if it works for you go for it, i heard they have plenty of gain.