Hi, im a lead guitarist in a post hardcore band.. and im about to but a new amp, ive tried out heaps,
and i'm thinking either the Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 (I wasnt a fan of the JVM) or the Hughes and Kettner Trilogy...

I'm getting a marshall 1960A cab with it and putting two vintage 30's in it. does anyone have any suggestions as to which head i should get??? help is much appreciated
no, the budget was limited pretty much to the trilogy lol.. and the TSL is just a bit below that.. im just undecided, with fact they both have 3 channels clean-crunch-lead. and they both have their pro's and con's.

I've also heard TSL's have problems with their footswiths.. is this true?
Hughes & kettner all the way

they make some pretty nice amps
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the tsl series have more problems then foot switch lol, a buddy of mine had his power transformer changed twice, on top of that it sound kinda of muddy for my taste, the trilogy was lacking the low end i was looking for, so instead i got a switchblade instead.