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Forrest Griffin
19 66%
Rampage Jackson
10 34%
Voters: 29.
Forrest fo sho.

Rampage is a pimp though.

I just love Forrest.

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Forrest is my favorite fighter ever but I just don't ever see Rampage losing. I hate it
Two of my fav guys....I'd love to see Forrest actually pull this one out. Especially after taking out Rua....I just ahve the feeling that Rampage is gonna be on tonight & tough to beat....we'll see...not too long now.

Would love to see Cote, Stevenson & Lytle make good showings too.

Rampage is the man! I have been following him since his Pride days and he has grown so much as a fighter and has become really adaptive in the ring.
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Chuck Norris will come and beat them all.
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Forrest, his technique on the ground is FAR better. He does Jiu-Jitsu to Rampage's wrestling, so he learned it right the first time around.
That win was kind of a surprise. I was rooting for Griffin, but I thought the win should have gone to rampage. what do you guys think?
Jackson, IMO.

But I don't have the money to order PPV, so I'll just have to wait until some schmuck puts it on youtube.
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Chuck Norris will come and beat them all.

You sir are an idiot. Chuck Norris would be raped severely by either of them.
I used to be a huge MMA fan, but I havent had the time to watch it for about 3 months now.

I always hated the huge idiots like Chuck Liddel and Tim Silvia. Randy Couture (sp?) was the shit.
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You sir are an idiot. Chuck Norris would be raped severely by either of them.

LOL....I think that about 95% of the LW (155lb) division would take Chuck....In the Octagon at least....Maybe on the set of Walker, Texas Ranger, where Chucky could throw his fancy kicks with cowboy boots on and the option of retakes on bad exchanges, he might have an edge there I suppose.

As for the actual fight, I was happy with either dude taking it....I like both of them....But I was honestly surprised that Forrest walked with a Unanimous Decision in that one. Alot of it could have gone either way, depending on your views...But I really thought that Forrest would've had to totally dominate Jackson, to get a decision win. Leg kicks & more technically sound striking do count & Jackson's leg was messed up pretty bad from the 2nd round on....but Jackson also dropped Forrest and did quite a number on his face. I'm just a bit surprised that a current champ could get edged out in a decision...it's just a bit of an atypical scenario in combat sports, in general. Not to say that it never happens though.
It's just a bit crazy that 2 of the 3 judges scoring the fight, didn't even give Jaskson Rnd 1...the round where he dropped Forrest with an upper cut and had a shot at finishing the fight....that's a bit wierd, IMO.

Other than that....was cool to see Stevenson get back on track after getting destroyed by Penn a while back...Glad to see Cote win again, though I was hoping for a little more dramatic fight overall....sucked to see Lytle get brutalized like that, he's a tough F'er...he never stopped, but Koschek was just to damn strong of a grappler for him. Kinda bummed that Corey Hill lost too...6'5" and 155lbs...LOL Ya gotta be a fan of that dude. Oh well. LOL

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Im sooooo glad Forrest won. Rampage is a good fighter but I think that he is just extremely over hyped. Rampage looked to me last night as if it was his match fighting. Forrest looked extremely confident and it showed.
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