Ok, so my family is really good friends with this other family. I'm pretty close with the father in the family so he asked me to make him a CD of songs to listen to when he's driving his truck (hes a trucker). The way he put it: "gimme something good to listen to when I'm going 90". Hes into stuff like Zeppelin, the Dead, etc. Classic Rock basically. I asked him if there were any particular bands he wanted and he said "Ass kicking ones, just no lame ****."

So pit, suggest me some good songs to put on the CD. Thanks in advance.
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yep deffinately GnR, Zepplin, Johny Cash. nd also HELLYEAH.
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Some glam rock too.
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WOLFMOTHER, maybe some white stripes?
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Piss him off and give him Boys Like Girls and We the Kings
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i have some good rocking cr songs
Immigrant Song-Zeppelin
Run to the Hills-Maiden
Mr Crowley-Ozzy
Helter Skelter-Beatles
Erupetion and Runnin with the Devil-Van Halen
Garden of Eden-GNR
you're gonna miss me - 13th floor elevators
do it again - steely dan
break on through - the doors
back in the saddle/last child/nobody'sfault/lickandapromise/anything from Rocks - aerosmith
aerosmith - train kept a rollin
alice cooper - no more mr nice guy, under my wheels
beatles - revolution
black sabbath - paranoid, sabbath bloody sabbath, sweat leaf
bruce springsteen - backstreets
cream- white room, badge
CCR - proud mary, run through the jungle, travelin band
motorhead - ace of spades
nazareth - hair of the dog
rolling stones - rocks off, sweet virginia, torn and frayed, ventilator blues, soul survivor
steppenwolf - born to be wild, magic carpet ride
ted nugent - fred bear
thin lizzy - the boys are back in town
tom petty - runnin down a dream, i need to know
ufo - doctor doctor
uriah heep - easy livin
velvet underground - heroin, sweet jane
the who - my wife
yardbirds - for your love, stroll on
lots of hendrix

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