a time of peace
a time of war
a time to close our eyes
a time to open our doors
the shady figures all in the background
the magazine stand worker, who has no opinion
the garbage truck driver, a former racecar driver
and everything’s all on in the background
and everything’s all flourescent in the background
these comedy movies calm our minds for the time being
and everyone knows, and everyone listens
and everyone knows we doled out a beating
we’ll wait until dark to open our hearts
and for the time being we’re as vicious as a junkyard dog

we pray for life
we pray for an end
it’s an increasing option
to sink down in the sand
the pumps from the flooded roads are (a) hummin’
with our fledling consciousness on the linoleum bleedin’
the deliveries were all on time for awhile
these new ideas sparked our minds for awhile
and the fathers and the dealers and the homeless and the saints
they’re all waiting for their turn to sit back and wait
it’s a flawed plan, but it’s our plan
with many different businessmen and their many different hands
chalk it up to being too busy to notice
chalk it up to using being too busy as our only excuse

save me from myself
save me from us
save me from you
you who I put all my trust
the newspaper comes and it’s written in gibberish
you put your pants on and they’re made to fall off
what a lovely day, what a day in the rain
and it’s times like these you call out to the sky
I wish the medicine would kick in like it should
I wish that the fireworks would go off like they should
and the social worker who takes acting classes at night
is hoping she won’t get shipped off to fight
she’s just like the rest of us, and cannot be abused
because we all think the same as the rest and we’ve got the bomb