ok, so its me and my buddy.. i play bass and he plays guitar he does lead.
we like to play some pretty hard stuff and take a it down a knotch too, we like atreyu, avenged sevenfold, he likes metallica, ozzy, some bullet but not so much anymore....we want to do something different take on music, do something heavier and faster..brutality thats what we need

we need a drummer, guitarist (lead or rythm), and vocals..we prefer if you can scream and sing, but just screaming it fine with us

we are located in a small town in michigan, but we are willing to commute...if its not too far..its a place called new baltimore, so get it touch please
its a place called New Baltimore...its the general area..but i live in Casco which is like two minutes from that...maybe like 15-20 minutes south of Port Huron
how about guitar?
lead or rhythm
i prefer rhythm(i can have better stage presence)
jazz/blues influenced metal
how far away from grand rapid or fremont are u?