I was looking at a squier duo sonic for a mustang. I haven't found any reviews so how is that?. And are there any Jaguar knockoffs around? Gracias!
I look for some copies but no luck, most copys are from the 80s and cost more than a reissue

but get the sonic duo put in a mustang pickguard and a control plate and boom! lol maybe trow in some jaguar vintage pickus from SD and you have the best of the 2 worlds

Edited: aster a quick search i found out that the Sonic duo its more like a Cyclone than a mustang

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Oh thanks dude. I was thinking about chaning the color on the sonic duo cause the original color looks like poo. How hard would it be?
does anyone know how the duo sonic is? I've been looking at it, but haven't found ANY reviews
Someone on here has one. I've heard good things about it. Just type in "Squier Classic Vibe" and search for titles only.
those are sick. are they good guitars? i couldnt find them on musicians friend...
I own a Jay Turser and I think it's great for the money (which is around $150, so it's not that great)
I recommend them.
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Don't Mustangs have a short neck?
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squier jagmaster is a jaguar/jazzmaster knockoff
same as rhe duosonic for the mustang

no, the duo sonic is a duo sonic knockoff
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