I wanna start recording my playing and stuff.
But, i havent the slightest idea how!
So... Mine is an acoustic(duh)
And i wanna record stuff..
So.. help is much appreciated!
If you have a Mac, Garageband is a great program to get used to the whole recording thing. You'd need a mic, a USB interface which lets you connect the mic to your computer via USB, and your guitar. Then you go into Garageband, hit the big red button, and go to town.
The way i started was by using a microphone from a headset (skype and such) because it would plug directly into the back of my computer, no messin around. I also used the free software Audacity. you can download it here http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
you might need to mess around with the preferences in audacity to get it working but its not hard.
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I dont know where u live or how old you are or anything but if u wanna actually professionally record some stuff go to your local uni most of the students will wanna record you as a project or something