sup UG brothers and sisters, any one ever heard of john zorn and his death metal/free form jazz hybrid band named Painkiller? its like the heaviest **** anyone could ever listen to that doesnt have a guitar (well....there is a bassist but lets count that out for now). yeah thats right, there is no guitar to be found in any of their albums, its all on the saxophone. Zorn can make the most terrifying sounds out of that instrument. he could make sounds that could range (or deranged lol) from a raped dolphin to a complete pyscho pouring boiling water on a litter of kittens. its really ironic that an instrument thats made for all that mainstream smooth jazz garbage is turned into a complete death metal machine. i listened to some samples on amazon and i was completely blown away !!!!!!(i couldnt buy any albums off of amazon because im to retarded to know how to buy **** out of the internet, and it really sucks that you cant find this **** at record stores or at your neighborhood walmart) so this is what got me into the world of free form jazz and avant garde, although everything i have tried is very stranged indeed and i enjoyed very all of it very much, but i havent found anything thats as heavy Painkiller ever made.
There was a thread on this like a few weeks ago or so, and Painkiller was Grind/jazz, not really any death metal to be found there. Great stuff.